The web is wonderful for entertainment and interesting content, however, for kids, that entertaining content is not always appropriate.

The web is wonderful for entertainment and interesting content, however, for kids, that entertaining content is not always appropriate.

It’s difficult for parents to allow their young ones to utilize YouTube, as it’s very difficult to filter out the bad content from the good.

The following list is ten of the greatest online video clip internet sites offering entertaining and academic videos that young ones will love. This list can help if you are a parent looking for an alternative to television for your kids, or you’re a teacher looking for appropriate content for the classroom.

Nationwide Geographic Kids Videos

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National Geographic is quite popular for its content for kids, having a section for games, activities and tales, but perhaps one of the most popular sections of all is the”videos that are comprehensive part that features a lot of initial programming from Nationwide Geographic children.

Browse National Geographic Videos

Videos include cartoons, educational nature videos and substantially more. You can feel at ease the security associated with web site, and let your young ones browse most of the videos they desire.

Kid Mango Videos

KidMango might be probably one of the most comprehensive children video clip web sites as it covers several genre and a wide a long time. At KidMango, you will find videos from BabyTV, Maniacs (8+ years), youngsters for 4 to 7 years, Jay Jay the Jet Plane and even more.

Videos on KidMango

The gamer at KidMango is enjoyable and simple for young ones to make use of, and there are additionally regular updates with brand new videos on a regular basis, therefore kids will never come to an end of fun what to watch.


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neoK12 can be an exemplary substitute for YouTube for moms and dads that prefer their kids view more academic videos. The tagline for neoK12 is videos that are”educational lessons and games for K-12 school kids.” To appeal to those age brackets, the videos have to be notably entertaining in addition to educational.

Videos at neoK12

The category listing at this site shows how wide in range this content is. Whether young ones desire to learn about area, geography, mathematics or real science, there’s no doubt they are going to find one thing right here that interests them.

WB Videos

Networks that offer television development for kids are fabled for the quality websites they offer with kid’s content, and the WB isn’t any exception.

WB Videos for Kids

At the movie channel on the WB web site, it’s like YouTube for youngsters that provides solely cartoon programming through the WB. Right Here, you will find Looney that is old Tunes, Flintstones episodes and even Scooby Doo and the Smurfs.


Through the makers of the Kidz that is famous Bop CDs, KidzBop also provides one of the largest plus one of the finest “YouTube for children” web sites on the Internet.

KidszBop Videos

The video area not only provides choose videos that are suitable for children, but kids also can create and upload their very own content to the web site, just like on YouTube! Other enjoyable top features of the site include streaming KidzBop radio, and even the ability for young ones to produce unique webshow.


There aren’t numerous video clip internet sites offering the type of valuable, informational content that teachers would want to used in their class, but WatchKnow is unquestionably one exception.

WatchKnow Videos

WatchKnow is a well organized and very archive that is large of content for children. These videos cover history, literary works, the arts and life that is even important.

Nick Jr.

Nick Jr. is well known for producing high quality entertaining and educational content for young children within their shows. The videos on the website offer kids a way to view the content that is same they could find in the tv programs.

Since there is not the same amount of videos as you would find at a few of the other sites, all of the videos listed here are high quality and address popular shows like Dora the Explorer, The Backyardigans, Blue’s Clues and others.

PBS Teenagers

Much like Nick Jr, PBS can also be a television channel well known for its television development for young ones. On the website, PBS definitely doesn’t disappoint. In the video clip portion of, you will discover full episodes of the very most popular PBS TV shows children love.

PBS Children Videos

At PBS youngsters on the web, kids can view content of their favorite programs, like interested George, involving the Lions, Super how and others that are many.


Kidzui is the business that gives a quality that is high safe and sound web browser for young ones. The company also tries to offer safe content for kids, and the ZuiTube site is an extension of that effort as part of running a browser.

ZuiTube Videos for Teenagers

This would be it if there is any site on the Internet that could be labeled as YouTube for kids. It’s one of the largest, well-organized libraries filled up with YouTube videos. Categories include silly songs, amazing pets, television & cartoons and much more.

Then Nick is the site that’s tailored directly for the preteen and teen group if Nick Jr is the place for toddlers to go for online content from Nickelodeon. This Nick web site features some of the quality content that is highest designed for young ones online.

Nick videos features video clips and full-length features of some of the most popular children programs on tv. These include SpongeBob SquarePants, The Penguins of Madagascar, iCarly and many other things.

It could not be easy for parents to monitor what their constantly children are watching on the web, but by trying to focus your kid’s utilization of videos towards the set of web sites above, you are able to rest assured that your West Virginia dating site particular young ones will be protected from improper content.

The 10 video internet sites listed above offer videos which can be interesting and entertaining enough that kids will never ever know what they’re missing.

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